Saturday, November 4, 2017

Preview: McGuire's Luck

Let me tell you a little about one of our upcoming books and how you can sign up for a chance to win a free copy.

I just finished proofreading McGuire's Luck by A.M. Jordan. Here's my working short description for this novel:
They took something from Dorian McGuire, something precious, and he wants it back. 
He also wants his father to leave him be in Armstrong City on Luna, but old Gustave has other plans for his younger son. 
Soon, Dorian can count on only three things: his precious something, a lovely green-haired space captain, and what he has always relied on--his McGuire's luck.
This standalone story is the first foray into science fiction by Jordan, who debuted with humorous contemporary fantasy Weird Canyon.

Here's a bit about some of the characters:
  • Dorian McGuire doesn't want to join the family business, an interplanetary shipping empire, ruled by his ruthless father. He may not have a choice.
  • Fiona Starling is the captain-owner of the freighter Tiger Moth that she recently inherited from her late father. As her debts mount, she is desperate for a paying voyage...if she can assemble a crew.
  • The polite pronoun for Norden Osezaki is "it," because it wants nothing to do with sex or gender. It has "family business" at a remote mining facility.
  • Ari Capias is a Pacifica Insurance investigator sent on a forced vacation, but he won't stop snooping.
  • Natalie Strim is all business. She knows that at the Elemental Mining Company, being promoted and transferred can be a punishment.
  • Gideon is descended from the 21st-century sensation Cyrus the Cat, star of cat food commercials--and noted telepath. He needs to be anywhere but on Luna.
I focus on the characters because that's where Jordan shines. Just about everyone in this story wants something, and many of these wants are at odds with each other, leading to satisfying drama.

If you'd like a chance for a free Advance Review Copy of this book well in advance of its 6/1/2018 scheduled release date, sign up here.