Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Novel in Search of a Title

I'm getting ready to publish a suspense thriller that has a working title that's already in use by another novel. So, I'm looking for an alternative title, and I'll listen to all comers. I offer the following early draft of a synopsis, plus the fact that a Tiffany lamp figures into the story and will almost certainly appear on the cover:

Amy Dresden is tall, fit and blonde; she's used to men hitting on her and used to letting them down tactfully. So when an Armani-wearing, Jaguar-driving winemaker won't take no for an answer after he asks her to dinner, she gives in reluctantly. She is stunned when he proposes to her on their first (and she intended only) date. Her worries grow when numerous deliveries of flowers and stuffed animals begin to arrive along with a barrage of unnerving phone messages, and she turns to the owner of the gun shop next door for self-protection advice.

Pearce Martini always gets what he wants. Always. He thinks it fun playing peekaboo with the gorgeous, innocent, blonde angel he meets at an estate sale, who is playing an adorably chaste game of hard-to-get. But he saw in her eyes that she was just as instantly infatuated with him as he was with her. He knows that, unlike the other tramps that had fooled him before--and paid for it--she is pure and will be devoted to him.

Helen Wu's nickname when she was a cop: Dead Eye. The last thing she expected was for the antique dealer next door to come to her. Tall and blonde was just her type, but she can't flirt with someone who comes to her for help, can she? But she can hope, and yearn, as she helps protect her neighbor from the worst possible weirdo: a rich one.

They call odd people who are wealthy, "eccentric." But creepy people who are rich? They call them "F***ing creepy!"

If someone proposes a title, and the author and I decide to go with it, I can promise the namer a personalized copy of the novel when it comes out. I'm pretty sure I can even get the author to include personal thanks for coming up with such a brilliant name.

I probably need to add as rules or disclaimer to cover my butt that the winning title, if any, will be selected by me and the author at our sole discretion, and no one who submits a title is entitled to anything more than a chance to get an inscribed book for free and by submitting a title, you give up any claims to it.

Put your entry in a comment below.


  1. I have "Wine Stalk" or "Bitter Shade of the Grape". Wine Stalk is Marshall's, the other is mine.

  2. Correct name to "Wine STOCK". It sounds funnier that way. :-)

  3. Hi are my suggestions: 1. "STAINED & SHATTERED..." 2. "BY THE LIGHT OF THE STAINED GLASS LAMP..." I also posted these to your LinkedIn post

  4. I came up with "A Different Shade of Murder".